19-10-2017  (COM News articles) Two strong breeding profiles to DLF    

DLF updates its breeding program in New Zealand and Denmark with two strong breeder profiles. Autumn season took off with the exciting start of Marcelo Carena as senior breeder in the NZ team, and Sabrina Rasmussen as turf breeder in the DK team.
19-10-2017  (COM Press releases) MariboHilleshög - the new name in sugar beet    

DLF are proud to announce that Syngenta's sugar beet seed business is now part of the DLF Group's seed activities. DLF took over the sugar beet activities on October 1, 2017 and have welcomed more than 300 dedicated employees to MariboHilleshög, which is the new name for the Group's stand-alone and focused business unit selling sugar beet seed to more than 30 countries. MariboHilleshög combines the two strong sugar beet brands, Maribo and Hilleshög, which will be widely marketed.
12-10-2017  (COM News articles) François Desprez is new Chairman of the Board in Danespo    

Danespo held their Annual General Meeting in september.
11-10-2017  (COM News articles) South African farmers enjoy a series of Farmers' Days    

Forage grasses and other crops are topics for study and discussion at a series of successful Farmers' Days in South Africa.
06-10-2017  (COM News articles) Discover DLF’s variety portfolio    

We are happy to present you with our new Seed Varieties catalogue.
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