06-12-2017  (COM News articles) Festulolium – improved grasses from DLF    

Higher yield, persistency and better outcome using Festuloliums from DLF
01-12-2017  (US SRO News) Leah Brilman, Ph.D. to be honored    

Our very own Turfgrass expert Doctor Leah Brillman will be honored at the upcoming 2018 Golf Industry Show with the GCSAA's Col. John Morley Distinguished Service Award.
01-12-2017  (COM News articles) DLF Alfalfa – timing of harvest and digestibility    

Optimal timing of alfalfa harvest provides optimal forage quality and more profitable farming.
24-11-2017  (COM News articles) How to cope with winter stress    

Research in winter hardiness and survival pays off.
22-11-2017  (COM News articles) The Journey of the Seed    

Where does your seed come from?
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