2019-10-16  (COM News articles) An Eye in the Sky Helps a Busy Breeder on the Fly    

As I walk through our turf trials I sense a quiet humming sound not unlike that of a bumble bee
2019-10-08  (COM Front page news) 6,400 turf plots established in R&D center    

2019-10-04  (COM News articles) When skiing goes green    

When Copenhagen's new ski slope, Copenhill opens this weekend, you can get the chance to experience the magic of skiing on green grass.
2019-10-02  (COM News articles) Raise farm yields and speed up pitch recovery    

Every year we launch a number of new varieties for turf and forage. Subscribers of our newsletter get this info directly in their inbox.
2019-09-26  (COM News articles) Full-year Financial Report 2018/19    

Today, the DLF Board of Directors approved the Financial Report for 2018/19
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