2018-10-19  (COM News articles) 25 % higher yield with Ryegrass PLUS    

Did you know that you effectively increases your yield only by choosing varieties from DLF PLUS?
2018-10-18  (COM News articles) DLF digs deeper for drought resistance    

Drought 2018 was very severe – will tomorrow’s varieties meet the challenges?
2018-10-11  (COM News articles) New impressive turf grass varieties from DLF    

A strong lineup of impressive new turf grass varieties are launched from DLF.
2018-10-11  (COM News articles) New promising forage varieties from DLF    

Looking for new grasses to boost your clover grass field – have a look at some of our new varieties.
2018-10-09  (COM News articles) DLF Select, when seed purity matters    

DLF select is a quality program to bring professional amenity-turf managers reliable access to the highest purity seed stocks they demand.
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