2020-01-29  (COM News articles) Johnsons sports seed celebrate 200 years    

In 1820 Johnsons Sports Seed was founded by the 17-year old William Wade Johnson, and this year marks their 200th anniversary.
2020-01-28  (COM Front page news) The Danish Food value chain    

DLF contributes to brand new video from Food Nation
2020-01-28  (COM News articles) The New Best Mate in Sport Pitch Solutions: Polypropylene Fibres    

It probably takes an insider to know that many qualification tournaments ahead of the European Cup and all over the Champions League groundsmen have taking advantage of a hidden tool to reinforce their stadiums: hybrid grass pitches. Invisible to cameras and even difficult to spot on a close distance, the polypropylene fibres only cover 3-5 per cent of the pitch surface. The rest is natural grass
2020-01-28  (COM News articles) Grassroots took over the exhibition.    

When entering the exhibition, NUTRIFAIR 2020, several visitors was met with grassroots.
2020-01-22  (COM News articles) Improving grass performance    

Since 2015 we have been able to predict trait performance in perennial ryegrass based on a simple DNA profile and every day, we become increasingly better at doing it.
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