2019-02-01  (COM News articles) DLF Select program takes the guesswork out of seed quality    

Following two years of research and investment, DLF will launch the new ‘DLF Select’ quality programme and seed range for the 2019 season. In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve high purity standards, DLF have developed a new programme within their production chain to safeguard quality and ensure they remain the preferred, reliable, supplier to the top turf managers worldwide.
2019-02-01  (COM News articles) New head office and breeding station for Danespo    

Danepos has inaugurated a new breeding station and head office, which provides the framework and the environment to create the potato varieties of the future
2019-01-31  (COM News articles) The captains of the Danish National League have spoken!    

After each match the captains in the Danish National League judge the pitch on a number of different parameters.
2019-01-07  (COM News articles) EUCLEG annual meeting hosted by DLF    

The strategic goal of EUCLEG is to reduce Europe and China’s dependency on protein imports by developing efficient breeding strategies for the legume crops of a major economic importance in human food and animal feed.
2019-01-04  (COM News articles) DLF ♥ European Turfgrass Producers    

DLF is supporting the European Turfgrass Producers Association (ETP) with a platinum sponsorship.
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