2019-04-26  (COM News articles) DLF joins The Amenity Forum    

When voluntary initiatives are taken towards promoting sustainable and safe management in the amenity management sector DLF is paying attention.
2019-04-26  (COM News articles) Did you know an alfalfa crop releases up to 200 kg nitrogen?    

Alfalfa has many qualities. Not only is it drought tolerant, but alfalfa is one of the most sustainable and economically viable crops.
2019-04-17  (COM News articles) Overseas Investment Office approves sale of PGG Wrightson Seeds Holdings Ltd to DLF Seeds A/S    

The New Zealand Overseas Investment Office has given approval for the sale of PGG Wrightson Seeds Holdings Limited (PGW Seeds) to DLF Seeds A/S (DLF).
2019-04-15  (COM News articles) Solutions for Climate Improvements    

Klaus K. Nielsen, CSO in DLF, gives his view on how the green turf & forage crops can improve our climate in European Seed INSIDERS series
2019-04-15  (COM News articles) Did you know: for hard-wearing turf choose a hard-working mixture    

If you want a wear tolerant turf, you must look at the mixture as a whole. The right mixture gives you not only a guarantee of wear tolerance, but also less maintenance and a lower risk.
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