2020-05-26  (COM News articles) Danish cooperatives join forces on green protein    

The three agricultural companies DLG, Danish Agro and DLF are now joining forces to establish a protein biorefinery for local production of grass protein with a strong environmental and climate-friendly profile. The goal is that grass protein in the long term can replace part of the soy that agriculture uses in animal feed today.
2020-05-07  (COM News articles) The lawn is a hit in Corona lockdown    

We have a lot more home time in connection with the Corona lockdown. And the extra time is spent on do-it-yourself tasks. But which tasks are the most popular with consumers? A British investigation has now lifted the veil.
2020-04-23  (COM News articles) New Innovation project to boost root growth for better drought tolerance    

Together with breeding companies and universities the Danish Innovation Fund now invest 2.3 M EUR in the development of drought tolerant crops
2020-04-15  (COM News articles) Are you feeling inspired...    

...to do something about your lawn?
2020-04-15  (COM News articles) The turf breeders gives pro sport more playing hours    

Is flexibility in turf management possible to breed for?
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