2018-08-14  (COM News articles) Diploid or tetraploid?    

Perennial ryegrass thrives on most soil types, except when under very dry conditions or infertile soils.
2018-08-09  (COM News articles) Football season kicking off in drought    

All football fans are getting ready for the season – and so are the groundsmen. But the drought in Northern Europe is giving groundsmen a difficult time.
2018-08-05  (COM News articles) DLF Seeds is to acquire PGG Wrightson Seeds    

PGG Wrightson Ltd and DLF Seeds A/S have reached an agreement for DLF to acquire PGG Wrightson Seeds. The transaction remains subject to regulatory approvals. PPG Wrightson Seeds is international market leader in the Southern Hemisphere within forage and turf seeds, with activities in New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.
2018-08-02  (COM News articles) Grass – A Powerful Player in Urban Sustainable Planning    

Grass is a powerful tool to improve sustainability in city environments
2018-07-10  (COM News articles) DLF turf grass ready for the World Cup final    

The World Cup is about to enter the final round. France and Belgium compete for a place in the final on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday we can look forward to the battle between England and Croatia
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