2018-12-06  (COM News articles) Overseeding the American way    

Director Leah Brilman, Research and Technical Services at DLF Pickseed, USA, a well-known and experienced turf grass expert was guest speaker at the Danish Greenkeeper Association 3-day seminar mid-November 2018
2018-11-26  (COM News articles) What To Do, When Plant Breeding Is Not Enough?    

Klaus K. Nielsen, Chief Scientific Officer in DLF, gives his scientific view on how to keep turf weed free in European Seed INSIDERS series
2018-11-16  (COM News articles) Why do we need DLF Fiber Energy?    

DLF Fiber Energy stands for higher digestible grasses. A high digestibility grass provides a higher feed intake, more milk in the tank and you can save on expensive purchased feed supplement.
2018-11-15  (COM Front page news) DLF Seeds A/S issues EUR hybrid security    

The hybrid security was priced on 13 November 2018. Read more about Investor Relations
2018-11-12  (COM News articles) Looking for a new way to optimise your production?    

Look for DLF Fiber Energy – it optimises your profit by extracting more energy from forage grasses without increasing your costs.
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