2019-06-14  (COM News articles) Become more independent and less vulnerable!    

Get though extreme climatic conditions with a stable production throughout the year with our new products.
2019-06-14  (COM News articles) Do you want happier cows and improved profitability?    

We have 11 new possible solutions for you if you want happier cows and more profit on your farm.
2019-06-14  (COM News articles) ETS Field days Italy    

A wet, but interesting, few days learning and exchanging knowledge about the possibilities for professional turf in the European transition zone.
2019-06-12  (COM News articles) Race to the top …while watching the grass grow    

DLF is dedicated to deliver top quality varieties. One of the ways we do this is to challenge ourselves to reach the top of recommended lists.
2019-06-07  (COM Front page news) Plant Breeding Winners Make It To Top Sports Finals    

Klaus K. Nielsen, CSO in DLF, gives his view on how recent advances in turf breeding have improved the toolbox by adding a new generation of turf grasses in European Seed INSIDERS series
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