2019-08-06  (COM Front page news) Find the optimal harvest time in grass seed    

The seed harvest is the most exciting time of the year, where much seed can be gained or lost at the surface
2019-07-31  (COM Front page news) Discover the top performers    

Breeding goals are also about seed yield
2019-07-18  (COM News articles) How mixtures supports disease control    

Read our newest INSIDER article in the European Seed series. CSO Klaus K. Nielsen gives his view on how mixtures supports disease control.
2019-07-11  (COM News articles) Have you tried our multi purpose grasses?    

Click here and read more about grasses with early spring growth, persistence and yield.
2019-07-11  (COM News articles) Higher digestibility = higher profit    

With DLF Fiber Energy grasses you can increase animal intake, which will create more energy and generate a higher output of meat or milk.
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