2018-06-14  (COM News articles) DLF main supplier to the Russian stadiums    

Months of preparations are now completed. Now’s the time for a football summer performed at world class pitched. The groundsmen of 12 stadions, 32 basecamps and 36 training sites have done their best to prepare the best pitches for the tournament. The turf grasses from DLF play a significant role in the majority of the pitches
2018-06-03  (COM News articles) DLF Breeders visit trial plots in UK    

DLF is dedicated to deliver top quality varieties. One of the ways we do this is to challenge ourselves to reach the top of recommended lists.
2018-06-01  (COM News articles) When going get’s tough the 4turf® gets going    

We love it – but our turfs are suffering under summer heat and only the best varieties keep going.
2018-05-31  (COM News articles) Overseeding and repair of stadiums    

High performing stadium pitches are tricky, how are damages repaired in just days?
2018-05-31  (COM News articles) Turf Business Summit 2018    

DLF confirmed as exclusive seed breeder sponsor for inaugural turf business summit
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